Friday, December 12, 2008

I have an amazing hubbie!

So once upon a time (6 years ago), Ryan and Lucinda got a new t.v. Since they were too cheap to get a new entertainment center, Ryan re-configured our current one - if you've been to our house, I'm sure you've seen it (if you haven't, it's in the background of this picture).

So then, finally, 6 long years later, Ryan decided to make a new entertainment center himself. Again, because we (and I mean Ryan) are too cheap to buy one when Ryan can make one himself that is custom-made. I seriously don't know how he knows how to do all this stuff when he's never done it before! He is a man of many talents, that's for sure.

Here he is hard at work!

And the almost-finished product! Santa's going to bring us the rest of the cabinets for Christmas if we're good. :)

I know, I know, I have way too many nativity sets for one person, but I just love to collect them!

Catch Up!

Our ward put on a Polar Express party last weekend and it was so much fun! The kids loved it! Here are some pics from that night:

The kids got to wear their pj's (Ryan wanted to but I told him no). :)

They got a bell necklace to help them remember to Believe!

Pictures with Santa - Cole loved it!

Katelyn, not so much...

And on to...

I think more candy made it into our kids' tummies than actually made it onto the house!

Ryan is wearing my apron since he says I never wear it (how could I? It's been in a box for almost the whole year!)

It turned out so cute, don't ya think?

This is what I found Cole doing the other day!

This is what I found Cole doing the other day - I noticed that our chalkboard countdown to Christmas had been colored on and wondered how...

I couldn't resist taking some pictures of this just to show him how mischievous and smart he is when he's older.

He's just so proud of himself! I love my little Cole!

My sister's visit to AZ

My twin sister, Glenda, and her family got to come visit AZ during Thanksgiving. It was so good to see them - we haven't seen them in over a year and a half! Her kids are so much bigger now. And Glenda's pregnant and so cute! We all got together a couple times, and the kids got to play. It was so much fun! We miss you guys - come visit more often -k- (or talk my hubbie into leaving the state for once)!

Wes, Hailey, Faith, Cole
The cousins all together (minus Ben & Seth's kids)

At least someone's getting some exercise!

Cole is such a strong little 4 year old boy! He pulls Katelyn and friends around with his bike! So adorable! He did mention how he was soooo tired afterward, but hey, he slept great that night!