Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pony ride

One of Cole's friends had a bday party recently with a cowboy/girl theme. As a surprise, one of her friends parents brought a pony and let the kids ride it. Here are some cute pics!

1st day of preschool & 1st grade

We have year-round schedule here so the kids recently started the school year.

Cute kiddos!

Love that Cole's teacher had an apple on each student's desk when they walked in.

Beehive in the back yard

Trevor & Steph came over for a BBQ in July (Trev always does the BBQ-ing when he comes because he's the best). We hadn't been out in the back yard for about a month or so (hello, we live in AZ and it's bloody hot outside!) - I'm a sissy about heat especially when I'm pregnant.

Trevor comes in and says, "I think there's a beehive in your tree!"

Ryan goes and checks it out and heads to the store to pick up some wasp & hornet spray. You can spray it from 20 feet away. It was quite comical (and a little scary) - I'm glad I wasn't the one doing the exterminating - watching Ryan spray from as far away as possible and then running at top speed for the safety of the back door!

Here's a before picture of the beehive:

It did the trick, though. Within a few minutes, most of the bees were lying on the grass, dead. Phew! That was scary!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Big Camping Trip

We had such a good time camping! Ryan found a pop up trailer on Craigslist for $250 - it was from 1975 but it was in pretty good shape! So we fixed it up (Ryan) and cleaned it out (me and my mom) and it worked out great! It didn't rain the whole time we were camping so we don't know if/where there are leaks.

Here are some fun memories:

Making pudding cones

Laying in the hammock

Watching Bella turn from a white lab to a brown lab (she loved rolling and digging in the dirt!)

Fishing at the lake - we didn't catch anything, but it was fun anyway!

Crafts & coloring

Using the hatchet

Ryan made the kids a swing with some rope and a log - I think Katelyn spent most of her time in there!

Papa Fish went with us and was so nice to take the kids on hikes and tell them stories every day. They especially liked his "Pioneers and Indians" game!

Getting dirty! Our trailer does not have a shower/bathtub, but it does have a sink. Every night Ryan would heat up some water on the stove and wipe the kids down so they would be clean to sleep. Only to start it all over the next day! :)

Our favorite part was just being able to hang out without any of the distractions we have at home - work, school, phone, tv, etc... just spending quality time together!!

Summer 2010 Fun

Here are some random pics of fun stuff that we did or that happened this summer:

Jeepers Indoor Amusement park

Swimming at Papa Fish's house

Water slide in the back yard

Cole lost his first tooth!!

Just a cute pic of Katelyn wearing my big sunglasses

Love this shot of Cole blowing bubbles

Fun with friends

We also went camping for 5 days at Reservation Lake - I'll do a separate post about that in a little while.

Cole's 6th Birthday!

Cole turned the big SIX in June - I really can't believe it! How did he go from this tiny sweet baby

to THIS big boy so fast?

We had a fun day - Cole got a new, bigger bike to ride

Katelyn and I took him out to lunch at Serrano's (yum!).

His cousins came over to play on the water slide and do the traditional Fish family ring toss game.

I stayed up late the night before making him a Ben 10 Omnitrix cake (If you don't know what that is, ask Cole and he'll explain the whole alien transformation process to you). I think he loved it!

The next day we went with Cole and Katelyn's best buddies, Quinn & Parker, to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D.

What a fun time!!!