Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from a modern day Pilgrim!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Gobble-Gobble! :)


This year some friends loaned us a green dragon costume for Cole to use - he was so happy with it, and every house we went to people were saying how cool it was. Thanks, Geoff & Wendy!

We got Katelyn a Belle costume (since it's her fave movie), but she would never try it on! Maybe because of the petticoat underneath? Anyways, we were relieved she wore it on Halloween, and she was so adorable! She was so excited to ring all the doorbells and say "Treat-Treat" to everyone and get candy!

Ryan and I didn't really dress up - we just had on jack-o-lantern shirts. But here's a pic of the whole fam together for once (Thanks Papa for taking the pic for us):

We had a lot of fun! And we still have Halloween candy left-over!

Katelyn's 2nd B-day

Here are some highlights of Katelyn's 2nd Birthday!

Ryan made her this awesome Ariel cake (since I wasn't feeling well - you're awesome, Ryan!), which was the first thing she saw in the morning after coming downstairs. She was soooo excited, and guess which movie we had to watch? You guessed it, "The Little Mermaid."

Then, she opened her first b-day present, which in the Fish family is traditionally cold cereal/pop tarts, or a combination of the two. She got Barbie cold cereal and Barbie pop tarts, lucky girl!

Here are some more pics of her enjoying her presents - a princess backpack, new little magnadoodle, lots of bracelets, a noisemaker, ....

A vacuum just like Mom's!

Later that day, we had a little party with the Fish cousins and played Ring Toss (another Fish tradition). Basically, you make a circle with a rope and put all kinds of candy and other prizes inside it. Then the kids take turn tossing a ring and whatever it lands on, they get to put in their goodie bag! It is so much fun, and I actually remember playing it when Ryan turned 23 with his family!

During ring toss, all Katelyn wanted to get was the pretty rings. So at the end, all her cousins brought her the ones they had won and gave them to her! She was soooo happy - she has such nice cousins!

Later that night, we were heading to our niece JoLynn's b-day party (they have the same b-day, just a couple years apart) when Katelyn threw up in the car (not sure if she was carsick or what), so we had to turn around and come back home, clean her, the car/carseat up, etc. Ryan ended up staying with Katelyn while I took Cole for a little while to the party. Katelyn was kind of sad until I came home with this awesome present from her cousins:

And then we just let her "chill" in her new princess sleeping bag with her new Baby Belle from Aunt Mo & Uncle Ken.

She ended up having a great b-day, even with the little carsickness incident.

We're so glad to have you in our family, Katelyn, and can't believe how much you've grown!
From this sweet little baby (3 days old):

To this big beautiful 2 year old girl:

We love you so much, sweet girl!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A whole month to catch up on!

I know, I know, I've been a slacker about posting! Sorry, this post will probably be long, but here's what we've been up to:

Ryan's sister and her family came to visit, and we got to do a "field trip" with their family to Superstition Farms where the kids got to pet a very tame bunny,feed goats and a horse, and hold a rooster (though neither of my kids would - they were being sissies that day)! It was pretty fun, and it was great to see Mo & Ken!

Petting the bunny - they're still talking about that!

Katelyn & Ryan

I just couldn't help snapping this cute pics of the kids excitedly
waiting their turn to feed the goats!

Our kids really got into Halloween this year - for the whole month beforehand, Cole kept dressing up in costumes he made up. These are just a couple:

A Spiderman flower!

I think he put on every item of clothing in his closet for this one!

Here's Katelyn all ready to go trick-or-treating with her 6 treat buckets (it's 2 weeks before Halloween here). I think she's a little too excited about all that candy!

I still have a ton of stuff to post, like Katelyn's b-day, Halloween, etc., but I have to go get ready to see Twilight (the midnight showing)! Some of my gal pals and I are going together - I'm so excited! I know, I'm officially a nerd! Those of you who know me already knew that though.

I promise I'll post the rest of our happenings soon! I know you're all wanting to see pics of the kiddos at Halloween and Katelyn's b-day, so I'll try not to keep you waiting too long -k-?