Friday, July 31, 2009

My Stampin' Blog

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I just started a Stampin' blog so I can put my papercrafting and scrapbooking projects on there! Here's the blog address: if you want to take a look! I'm also putting it on my sidebar in case the link doesn't work for some reason.


Cole's First Day of Kindergarten!

Yesterday was Cole's first day of kindergarten! He was so excited! His teacher is super nice. Here's some pictures of him sitting at his desk and in his new classroom.

He is so big!! I got a little teary-eyed as I was leaving, but he was not even sad or scared, just super excited! I cannot believe he is in school already - where have these past 5 years gone? It makes me sad that my little Cole is not little anymore, but I'm also excited to see him growing up and learning so much! Is that weird?

Father Daughter Princess Party

A couple weeks ago our ward had a Father/Daughter Princess Party. Katelyn and Ryan had so much fun! Katelyn got to get all dressed up in her princess dress, shoes, and crown (the dads didn't have to).

There was dinner, dancing, story time with princesses, and even a ride in a Hummer limo!

One of the people who was in charge took some pictures at the event, so as soon as I get those, I'll post some more!

My Awesome Craft Room

Ryan is awesome at making stuff, I have to say! He has been wanting to trade offices with me for awhile now and said he would build me some shelves for all my Stampin' Up stuff if I would agree to trade him. I said yes, and he literally started and finished building all this in a day! It took me longer to paint the room and shelves than it did for him to do the building. He is so amazing! Here's a picture of the shelving unit (I was still doing touch-ups at this point).

Did I mention that he also made me a table? Yeah, who knew you could buy fold up legs at Lowe's and make your own table? Super cool! My sister-in-law Kristin came and helped us paint and stain one night (thanks a ton Shorty!) which was so nice! She is way faster at painting than I am!

Another awesome feature of the table is that it hooks up to the shelving unit and rolls up for storing (kind of like those fold down beds). Here's a picture of the table put away. I told him I still wanted to have some room for guests or a playpen if I needed it (since I do daycare), so he thought of this idea all by himself - brilliant!

Okay, I am a ribbon and punch addict, so he made me some bars to hang all my punches on and some shelves for my ribbon. He also made some holders for my ink pads and markers. He really went all out to make this room the way I wanted it to be (without even asking)! I am so happy with it! I knew it would be nice, but I wasn't expecting it to be this nice!

I am seriously lucky to have a hubby like Ryan who knows how to do all this stuff! If everything he already did was not enough, he went ahead and made me some drawers to store my stamps in that I can pull out and see them all (and they're not stacked on top of each other anymore!). All my friends have been saying they need to have him come help their hubbies do the same thing for them at their house.

Here's a picture of the (mostly) finished room. I still have some decorations and stuff I need to hang up on my blank walls, but it is sooooo wonderful to not have to carry all my supplies up and down the stairs for classes, clubs, and workshops! I love being able to see all my supplies and have them organized in one central place (rather than in bins like I used to have them).

Thanks so much, Ryan! You are the best!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07-08-09 at 10:11:12 pm

Elizabeth Kartchner is having a contest on her blog - all you have to do is take a picture of what you are doing on 07-08-09 at 10:11:12 am or pm. Easy enough that I can do it! :)

I don't know about you, but I get the munchies at night! This is what I was getting ready to do at 10:11 pm today - I know, so bad to eat sweets so late at night!!! Every once in awhile I give in to the urge. Anyways, I was going to have this Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream, but unfortunately, Ryan ate it all!!! I guess I'm going to have to dish up the Rocky Road (still one of my faves). I'm off to enjoy my special treat now! Ta Ta!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Pics from the last couple months

Here are some random pics from the past couple months (you can click on the image to make it bigger). A little disclaimer: Cole is drinking ROOT beer in the picture! We've been busy having fun - sorry I have been such a nonexistent blogger! I will try to be better, I promise!

Cole turns 5!

I cannot believe Cole turned 5 on June 17th! It's true that time really does fly when you're having fun! This is him about 10 days old:

And here's a picture of him on his b-day! He has grown so much!

We had a family party on his actual birthday that his cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents came to. My big brother Ben was in town doing some training for his new job, so we were glad he got to come!

On the Saturday after his b-day, we had a friend party with his friends from preschool and church. It was a lot of work, but Cole and his friends had a good time, I think! Thanks to all his friends who came - you made his day! Ryan found an awesome water slide on Craig's list. Of course, he had to set it up inside the house for the kids and test it out (without the water, thankfully). They had a blast and thought it was so funny to have a huge slide inside the house!

Katelyn was too little and kind of scared of the big slide, but she went on her little slide just fine! It's weird that it fit inside our house!

We're so glad to have Cole in our family! We love you tons!

Father & Son Camp Out

May was a busy month! Ryan and Cole went on our ward's Father & Son camp out and had a lot of fun! When I saw the pictures of Cole on the cliff I almost fainted, but I know Ryan was right there with him. They had a great time hanging out together and with the other dads and sons that were there. Cole keeps talking about camping all the time, so I guess we'll have to go as a family soon!!

Cole's Pre-K Graduation

Wow, I can't believe Cole has graduated from preschool and will be going to kindergarten in a couple weeks (the end of July)! His class put together a cute little program about the United States of America, and also showed all they learned this year (letters/sounds, numbers, days of the week, months, etc.). It was so adorable! Cole looked so handsome with his little grad cap on! We're so proud of you, buddy! Good job! We love you lots!


I know, I've been such a slacker about blogging lately! I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our Disneyland trip from May!

We got to go for 5 days - they had an amazing promotion going on, so we took advantage of it!

We had the best time! Since we were there for so long, we got to go on every ride we wanted to, and we had the layout of the park memorized by the time we left. The kids loved the Buzz Lightyear ride, Mr. Toad's wild ride, and Dumbo the best I think. Ryan and I went on the Tower of Terror (separately, of course) - weren't we brave? Too bad there's no pictures of our faces on that one! HaHa!

This time Cole wasn't as shy of the characters - Katelyn was. She likes to look at the pictures of her with them but was literally hanging onto me with a death grip!

Posted by Picasa

I tried doing a photo collage in Picasa for the first time - hope it turned out alright!

We stayed at a hotel near the park (within walking distance) and took our double stroller with us. The kids are sure getting heavy (Along with all the food and supplies we brought with us each day)...I still have blisters that are healing from all the walking we did! Cole keeps talking about how he wants to go back to Disneyland. I told him we have to fill up our coin jar again before we can go back! :)

Here are some more pictures of all the fun we had - of course we had to take a picture in front of the "F" of California Adventure.

I'm so glad we got to go! We had an amazing time and hopefully built a lot of good memories for Cole & Katelyn!

I'll be back in a little bit to post some pics of Cole's preschool graduation and 5th B-day party (I know, crazy that he's 5 already, right?).