Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baking Bread with Grandma Anne

My mom has been coming and helping me clean my house (bless her soul!) and one time a couple weeks ago she came and made homemade bread! Katelyn and I had a fun time helping her. And the whole family enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Thanks, Grandma Anne!

Baby Ultrasound & Prego pics

We had an ultrasound yesterday (29 weeks) and got some really good pictures of our baby boy:

Baby sucking his hand in 4D

Here you can see his tongue sticking out

We've definitely got a thumb-sucker on our hands!

Sweet baby feet!

Some of my family has been asking to see pics of my prego belly - so here they are!
I've gotten really big in the past couple weeks so I'm glad I took some pictures before that! These are from a couple weeks ago...