Monday, August 31, 2009

Ryan's Wish Jar

If any of you know Ryan, this won't surprise you in the least! It was pretty darn funny, I have to say!

So you know how I have my baby wish jar that I'm saving $$ for a baby, right? Well, the other day, Ryan was rummaging through the cabinets looking for something, and I asked if I could help him find it - he said, "No, I got it." He pulled out a jar, then a picture from his back pocket. He proceeded to duct tape it onto the jar, along with various Christmas ribbons/bows, and more duct tape. If you can't tell, it's a picture of a flat screen television (Upon first glance, I thought - you want to save for a trip to the mountains? Then I saw the platform at the bottom of the picture.) He put in all the money and change from his pocket, which was under $5. I am totally beating him!! HaHa! :)

Then, the other day, we went through the drive-thru and he usually hands me the change, but instead, he looked at me, then the money, and then he put it into his own pocket! Silly boy!! He really makes life interesting for me! And keeps us all laughing!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Vote for Me!!

I don't know how many of you follow the show Project Runway, but I am involved with a group of cool girls who decided it would be fun to do scrapbooking challenges based on their challenges each week. Their challenge was to design some clothes for a celebrity to wear on the red carpet. To make it work for scrapbooking, we decided to have our challenge be to scrapbook our "Red Carpet Moment." Glitz Design graciously donated to our challenge, so we used some paper, stickers, and rub-ons from them (they rock, by the way!!!) and created kits for all the participants. The only rule is that you had to use something from the kit in your layout. We posted the layouts on the Project Scrapbook '09 blog here, so go check them out! They are all amazing. :)

Oh yeah, you can vote for your favorite (pick me, pick me!!) - the winner will be treated to some more amazing goodies that Glitz Design generously gave to us to give away!! To vote on the Project Scrapbook '09 blog, click here. Voting closes Thurs. Sept. 3rd at 9pm MST, so don't delay!!

The red carpet moment I chose to capture was my wedding day - I felt like a princess marrying my prince (still do - I'm so lucky!), the weather was beautiful, I loved my dress, my flowers, and especially my guy!! It truly was a perfect day!

It was so fun to try out Glitz Designs' products - their rubons are amazingly easy to use! And I love their paper! Gorgeous! I hope I win the prize! One of my brother's friends from when we were kids is actually one of the girls that started the company so I was able to hit her up for some donations - it's awesome to have connections, sometimes, huh?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Baby Wish Jar

First off, no, I am not pregnant!! I wish I was, but unfortunately, I'm not. :)

Ryan and I have been talking for a long time about whether or not to have another child. Correction: Actually, I've been doing most of the talking - he's been trying to give away all our baby stuff! I tend to have difficult pregnancies, and so most of the workload falls on him unfortunately when I'm prego. Not to mention the economy, etc., etc.... Well, the other day, he said, "If you can save $2000, we can talk about having another baby."

So, I went out and bought this big jar and decorated it and stuck it in my kitchen. My friend Wendy and I figured out that if I put in $50 each week, I will have the $2000 in about 10 months. I am really motivated! I'm going to be clipping coupons and putting any money saved in the jar. Every time I pay with cash, I'm going to be putting the change in. If I have any part-time daycare jobs, I am going to put the money in there too. I am very excited and hope that Ryan will hold up his end of the bargain when I finally save up enough money (i.e.: seriously talking about having another child )!!

On another note, isn't it a cute jar? I made it yellow and brown since if we do have another one, I don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl, obviously. I love looking at it and dreaming of the future!! I am so baby hungry it is crazy!! You can make fun of me if you want to - I don't care!! :)

Wendy says I should take it with me to my Stampin' Up workshops and classes and ask for donations. How hilarious would that be??