Saturday, August 9, 2008

Becca's Visit to AZ

Okay, get a snack and get ready to look at lots of pictures!
My friend Becca (we go way back - we worked at Nielsen's Frozen Custard together for 4 years and were even roommates for awhile!) and her kids came to visit us last month. She's the one who helped me set up my blog - she's awesome. Anyways, we had a ton of fun and I'm sorry I'm just now getting around to posting about it!

Becca's son Case stealing treats from Bella - quite entertaining! :)

Justin & Cole - buddies forever

Ryan wrestling with Justin, Cole, and Bella

We had planned on going to a splash park but decided to have a water play day in our backyard instead. Becca's sister Katie who lives near me came with her kids as well and we all had a lot of fun in the pool, slip-n-slide, and sprinklers.

How many kids can fit in one pool? A lot more, apparently!

Me, Cole & wiggly Katelyn :)

Katelyn & our neighbor Alma, who is great with the kiddos

Cole with his cool sunglasses

Becca with Justin & Case

Slip N Slide!

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Becca said...

I'm so excited to have my own post of your blog! I look dang sexy!! I want a copy of those pictures so email them to me. I miss you tons:-)