Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This year some friends loaned us a green dragon costume for Cole to use - he was so happy with it, and every house we went to people were saying how cool it was. Thanks, Geoff & Wendy!

We got Katelyn a Belle costume (since it's her fave movie), but she would never try it on! Maybe because of the petticoat underneath? Anyways, we were relieved she wore it on Halloween, and she was so adorable! She was so excited to ring all the doorbells and say "Treat-Treat" to everyone and get candy!

Ryan and I didn't really dress up - we just had on jack-o-lantern shirts. But here's a pic of the whole fam together for once (Thanks Papa for taking the pic for us):

We had a lot of fun! And we still have Halloween candy left-over!


Becca said...

I think you will always have Halloween Candy left over. Atleast you will always have candy around.

Carrie Allen said...

What a cute family!

Mo said...

What adorable costumes. Where did you get that princess dress? Its great. Of course, C. looks ready for winter and K. is off for a summer spree!