Saturday, October 10, 2009

Date Night!

Our friends Ryan and Alleen invited us to go out with them last weekend. It was so much fun! He had gotten a limo ride as a bonus for his work and asked us to go along (we're so lucky!).

Anyhew, we went to Maggiano's (the best Italian restaurant I have ever eaten at). Although I do still love my Olive Garden, this is way better I do have to admit!!

Afterward, we came back to the Fish Bowl (aka our house) and played Rock Band. It was Ryan and Alleen's first time but they rocked the house!

Thanks for inviting us out, you guys! We had the best time!!


Lorraine said...

Very nice to have a night out!

Nikki said...

Good times right there. Always nice to have date nights for sure. Have you ever went to Baci's. Very yummy Italian food. Coming from an Italian that is always cooking something. You will consider Olive Garden fast food.

Mo said...

Lucky! You two deserve to have some fun.