Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Ultrasound & Prego pics

We had an ultrasound yesterday (29 weeks) and got some really good pictures of our baby boy:

Baby sucking his hand in 4D

Here you can see his tongue sticking out

We've definitely got a thumb-sucker on our hands!

Sweet baby feet!

Some of my family has been asking to see pics of my prego belly - so here they are!
I've gotten really big in the past couple weeks so I'm glad I took some pictures before that! These are from a couple weeks ago...


Queen Creek East Stake Primary said...

This is Aubrey....Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family!!! I am hoping for another boy as well :) Looks like all is going fabulous for you and your family.

Nichelle said...

Too cute! Hope all is well with you and your family!

lenseigne said...

Lucinda! You look SO adorable with that belly. But actually in the first pic you don't even look pregnant! And I absolutely love those 3D pics of your baby. Oh, he is so cute! How precious... Oh I can't wait to meet him. Thanks for posting these pictures!