Wednesday, July 21, 2010

January Fun

Ryan's sister Mo and her fam gave the kids a butterfly garden for Christmas. It was so fun to watch the caterpillars grow big and at and turn into chrysallis' and then butterflies, all right before our very eyes! We were all mesmerized by the miracle of transformation these creatures underwent.

Ryan also celebrated his 32nd birthday in January! We love you Ryan!

One Sunday we took our Rock Band game over and played with Ryan's parents. Super fun - his mom was really good! And his dad loved to do the singing, especially with the Beatles.

The kids took to climbing trees to keep themselves busy while the grown-ups were playing.

My first time on the drums - I'm not half bad!

Snuggling with the kids on the front porch swing - does life get any better?

Cute pic of some of the cousins with my kiddos.

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