Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cole's friend's b-day party

Cole's friend Alex had his birthday party at a gymnastics school. The place was awesome, with floor trampolines, big pits with foam blocks in them, lots of places to run, etc. The parents were not allowed on the floor where the kids were playing (probably to avoid distractions), but we could view them in a viewing room. I was a little worried that Cole would be too shy to go out and play with mostly strangers (Alex lives quite far away from us, so we don't see his fam too often), but he sure proved me wrong! He had the best time!

The highlight for all the kids was the parachute. I can totally remember doing the parachute in P.E. in elementary school. Here they are doing waves for the kids while they're running on top of the parachute.

And here they are hiding under the parachute, making a mushroom! How fun!

Unfortunately, Cole got carsick on the way home, so that part was not fun. Thanks to Alex's mom, we had some clothes in our car that we were able to change Cole into. We had forgotten his sunglasses, so I let him borrow mine. He finally fell asleep when we were almost home. I couldn't resist taking this pic of him in the car.

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