Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, now what mischief has little Katelyn been up to? Let's see...

Katelyn is very mischievous! Here are a few "pickles" I've found her in lately...

She is in a toddler bed now and she snuck out of bed during naptime without my knowledge and went into my bedroom. A little while later, I had a feeling to check on her, so I found her in a playpen I have in my bedroom for my childcare kids. Apparently, she had gotten into Ryan's bedside table drawer where he keeps his cough drops. There were probably about ten cough drops that she had opened and then spit out because they didn't taste good. (They were the Halls regular menthol ones.) Maybe she thought if she kept trying, one of them would taste good? Then, when she gave up that, she got a pen out of Ryan's drawer and drew all over her arms and legs. That is how I found her. It was so funny I couldn't really get mad at her. I wish I had thought to get a pic of the playpen with the cough drops all stuck to the blanket, but I just cleaned it up before I thought about it. Here's her "artwork" all over her body (she's so proud!):

One morning, Katelyn woke up super early and came in our bed. Ryan and I were definitely not ready to get up for the day, so we told her to go play. A little while later, I found her in the bathroom like this:

She had found the BandAids and put them all over her leg and fingers, too! It was so funny!

Katelyn does not like to wear clothes! Especially if they get wet or dirty. She is always taking them off (she even tried to take them off at church one week). So this is a typical picture of Katelyn:

Another example here - she took off her pants because she spilled water on them.

So those are just a couple funny stories about Katelyn's mischievous deeds lately. I'm sure there will be more to come soon! :)


lenseigne said...

These pictures and stories make me laugh! What a sweet, fun little curious girl she is. I need to post some of the silly things my kids do, how cute!

Owens Family said...

she's so cute. There so funny at that age