Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Traditions

Every year, the Fish Fam gets together to color Easter eggs. This year was no exception! Papa & Grandma had the whole clan over (and believe me, it was packed!). The operation took place in the garage, with lots of newspaper covered tables. Each of the kiddos got to color TWO dozen eggs, so that was a lot of eggs for Papa to hard boil before everyone came!

Cole had such fun (his mom forgot an old shirt, so Papa supplied one for him)!

Katelyn opted to use her hands instead of the egg-holder contraption. It worked better for her, but the dye didn't come out for a couple days!

Afterward, all the cousins had fun playing dress-up and messing up Grandma and Papa's house!

Here they are having an impromptu "tea party" using the play dishes and Papa's water cooler. Yep, that got nipped in the bud pretty fast! :)

On Easter Saturday (that's when the Easter bunny visits our house - so we don't take away from Easter Sunday, the true celebration), the kids awoke to their Easter baskets in their rooms and lots of eggs to find throughout the house! They had so much fun finding them in all the places they were hidden! They also got some play chicks that chirp when you put them in your hand. Super neat!

Katelyn's favorite thing was the chocolate in her Easter basket and inside all the plastic eggs. I think she pounded every single one of hers before lunchtime! No, she didn't get sick - thank goodness! :)

Cole liked pretending he was the Easter bunny and hopped around all day!

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior - we went to church and worshipped and spent time together as a family. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! :)

On another note, Tax season is over! Hurray!! It's been so nice to have Ryan back home more often! We're glad you're back, Ryan! We missed having you around more than you know. :)


Becca said...

so I noticed this was posted on the 17th and I just got an email about it today (29th). Also, it didn't show up on my live feed bar till today too. Weird!

The blond girl, who does she belong to? She looks just like Ryan's mom.

lenseigne said...

Wo, that's alot of eggs! The Fish family is so cool. I got your package, that was SO sweet of you and very generous. I love ya!

Mo said...

Man, we haven't died Easter eggs in Papa's garage since Ann was the baby cousin. Sigh... Looks like a handful these days!

Mindy said...

What a fun Easter tradition! Hope you and your cute family are all doing well.