Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What has Katelyn been up to lately?

Katelyn has been a busy little girl lately! Here she is
helping me with the laundry....

Coloring (she does this while Cole does his homework - that way she doesn't feel left out)...

Going potty - she would probably be completely potty trained if I would commit to it. It's hard to do with all the other kids running around. I know, she likes to sit backwards on the potty! Funny, huh? It makes her feel like she's not going to fall in, I guess.

Playing with Bella in the backyard. She loves to throw the ball for Bella. She also loves to pick the tall strands of grass and bring them to me to put in water so they can have a drink.

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Mo said...

Love the pigtails! The one of KAtelyn backwards on the potty is HILARIOUS. I've never heard of a kid doing that - soo funny.