Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beehive in the back yard

Trevor & Steph came over for a BBQ in July (Trev always does the BBQ-ing when he comes because he's the best). We hadn't been out in the back yard for about a month or so (hello, we live in AZ and it's bloody hot outside!) - I'm a sissy about heat especially when I'm pregnant.

Trevor comes in and says, "I think there's a beehive in your tree!"

Ryan goes and checks it out and heads to the store to pick up some wasp & hornet spray. You can spray it from 20 feet away. It was quite comical (and a little scary) - I'm glad I wasn't the one doing the exterminating - watching Ryan spray from as far away as possible and then running at top speed for the safety of the back door!

Here's a before picture of the beehive:

It did the trick, though. Within a few minutes, most of the bees were lying on the grass, dead. Phew! That was scary!


Nikki said...

oh, my That is scary.... Good pics

Team EVANS! said...

aww poor bees. but I understand how scary a swarm of bees can bee. I saw that one killer bee movie from the 80's.

Mo said...

Eewwe! I bet you didn't even get any honey out of the deal. Jonas got stung by a wasp this weekend. Poor little guy. Glad no one on your end got that.