Monday, August 16, 2010

Spring Break

Ryan's brother Nate has a huge backyard, complete with chickens, goats, and sheep (and a duck too I think). The kids love going over there and petting the animals! His brother is quite the character and gave us two baby roosters for Christmas along with a survival book. Ryan said we're going to give him a puppy with a seeing-eye dog training manual one of these days to pay him back. I don't have any pictures of them because our dog Bella ate one of them for dinner one rainy night, and so Ryan gave the other one back so it wouldn't suffer the same fate.

On Spring Break the kids and I made the trek out to Superstition Springs Mall to ride the carousel and have some fun.

We spent a lot of time visiting Ryan's mom this spring before she passed away in May - this is one of favorites of Ryan and his mom. Even though she was in a lot of pain and suffering, she always smiled and never complained! I don't think I would be like that in the same situation.


Lorraine said...

Nice to catch up a bit on your family.

lenseigne said...

I love this picture of Ryan with his mom, so sweet!