Monday, August 16, 2010

Snow Trip

One weekend in February we decided to go visit the snow. We were planning on staying at Ryan's parent's land in Heber/Overgaard but when we got on the dirt road that leads to the land at 9pm, it was so muddy! We ended up getting stuck in the mud (makes me wish we had our black truck still)!! What a nightmare!

We didn't have snow chains, but Ryan tried for quite awhile to get us out. Finally, a big truck came up behind us and we thought they were going to stop and help us, but NO! They kept on going!! A couple hundred feet ahead of us, they ended up getting stuck too. Ryan went to see if he could help them get un-stuck so they could help us in return. Well, a couple hours later they were still stuck, it was almost midnight, and the kids and I had been stuck in the Durango the whole time (thank heavens we had a portable DVD player and a heater or we would have gone crazy). We decided that maybe the mud had frozen a little so we tried to get out and we finally did. The poor big truck was still stuck but there was no way we could help them. We left our big spotlight and tow rope with them - I'm sure they got out eventually.

Ryan wanted to just drive home at this point but I talked him into getting a hotel in Heber so the trip wouldn't be a total waste. All sleeping in one bed was fun, let me tell you! The next day we played in the snow and then headed home. What an adventure!!

I didn't get any pictures of us stuck in the mud, but here are some fun pics of snow play-ing:

(Note the modge-podge of snow clothes - We borrowed a lot of it from friends/family since we live in AZ and don't go that often.)


Mo said...

Glad you guys could do something fun. No pictures of being stuck in the mud -- thats the part you want to forget!

lenseigne said...

When things don't go as planned those are times when lasting memories seem to be made,huh? It looks like you had a lot of fun in the snow!