Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My twin sister comes to visit...finally!

In June, my twin sister, Glenda, came to visit with her family. Since they moved to Indiana we don't get to see them much, so it was so nice! Her kiddos are all so grown up! And we got to see their youngest for the first time as well.

Our kids really hit it off, and my kids are still talking about their cousins who came to visit and asking when they are going to see them again.

Hint, hint: You guys need to move back to AZ! Here are some pics of their visit and fun times we had:

Katelyn & Faith

My kids & Glenda's kids - so hard to sit still!!!

If you can't tell, Rudolph and Santa (aka Wes & Cole)

Me, Glenda, Preston, & Rose

One night we met for dinner and then went to the park to let the kiddos play (this includes Joel's girls) - what a bunch of hams!

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lenseigne said...

It was so great to finally visit! We are always talking about maybe moving back sometime! Miss you!